Dec 4, 2010

Cookie and Cake Ideas

It’s that time of year when I go out and scoop up ALL the Christmas Cookie Magazines and bring them home to add to my insane collection..!!! You’d think that I do a LOT OF BAKING, but NO…I hardly have time to make a simple meal..!!!  One CAN DREAM though, RIGHT…????  Look at this adorable little GINGERBREAD MAN COOKIE……How Sweet…!!!imageAnd this collection of SWEET HOLIDAY TREATS, Doesn’t it make you want to go grab your apron and recipe books and get some of these yummy delights in your oven. I can almost SMELL them baking…:) 
imageThen pack up some for a special neighbor or friend….and watch for their SMILES of Delight when you hand them your Delicious Homemade Goodies…!!!
image And HOW did I miss this new COOKIE PAN while out shopping last week. I HAVE TO HAVE ONE…!!!
image YES….It’s a CAKE…!!! How Cute…:):):)  And I’m on the hunt for this pan. I’ll be back and let you know WHERE to Find this fun baking pan.
 Snooty Snooper Graphic Girls I’m off to SNOOP..!!!

Apr 22, 2010

Welcome to…The Snooty Snooper

Welcome to the LAUNCH of my NEW BLOG…..The Snooty Snooper…!!!!
This is the place to come for INSPIRATION … Ideas … Tips and SHOPPING….We will be “Snooping Around” to find YOU the best

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